About us

What is Brent Pure Energy? 

BPE is a Community Benefit Society, registered and regulated by the Financial Conduct Association. We offer local community organisations a chance to cut down on their carbon emissions and their energy costs, and we offer local people a chance to invest in solar energy, giving both a reasonable return on investment, and a chance to help the community. For our objects, see here.

How were we formed?

Brent Pure Energy began as a joint initiative from both Brent Friends of the Earth, and a neighbourhood organisation, “Energy in our Hands”. We were introduced by the sustainability officer at Brent Council, and have had support from the leader of Brent Council, Muhammed Butt. We have also had support from Transition Town Kensal to Kilburn, and advice from Agammemnon Otero of Repowering London. We have had a substantial amount of mentorship (via Cooperatives UK and the Esmee Fairbairn foundation) from Damian Tow, of Brighton Energy Cooperative

Who are we?

“Brent Pure Energy has 33 members (shareholders) including five directors.
Details of the five directors are below (text for Glenis Scadding and Steve Shaw to be added soon):


Nick Hartley

Nick Hartley

Nick Hartley B.Sc  M.Inst. P
Director, secretary
Nick is a physicist and electronic engineer with experience in semiconductor devices, lab instrumentation and forensic science equipment. He has a lifelong  interest in environmental issues including renewable energy and meeting climate change targets.  He has reduced his domestic fossil fuel consumption by 70% since 1992 by installing thermal and PV solar panels , a wood burning stove, efficient appliances, etc. He has run and maintained electric cars for the last 10 years. His daughter attended QPCS where he now volunteers as a mentor for Salusbury World.

Ian Saville

Dr. Ian Saville
Director, Chairperson  
Ian is a performer, writer and lecturer, living in Neasden. His training is in theatre studies, but he has been involved in many community campaigns, and is joint coordinator of Brent Friends of the Earth. He is also chair of the Brent group of the London Cycling Campaign. He has both photovoltaic and thermal solar panels on his roof.

Tom Wright

Tom Wright
Tom lives in Queens Park with his family and his children attend QPCS. He has a broad span of commercial experience and is currently the Commercial Director of an NHS Trust. Previously he worked in the IT and computing industry and was a director of a subsidiary of Psion PLC.  Tom has a BA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and an MBA from INSEAD business school.  He is committed to environmental development and has been involved in other community projects such as the creation of the Greenspace garden at Salusbury Primary school where he was co-chair of the steering group. 
Glenis Scadding
Steve Shaw